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Can Crushers

Can Crusher

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Can Crusher




(Note that the crushed can above is only about 1/4 as high as the uncrushed can would be lying on its side. If you’re a user of 12 oz. soda cans like I am, this lets you store many more cans in your recycling container.)

Most can crushers must be bolted or screwed with large, sturdy screws to something like a wall stud before you can use them. But what if you're an ecologically-concious renter or dorm student, and don't want to do anything that could be regarded as damaging to the walls? This crusher is the ideal solution. You can store it on a closet or cabinet shelf when not in use, and use it on a table, desk, kitchen counter, or any other suitable flat space. You can even bring it to picnics, and use it on the picnic table.
Above is a picture of my can crusher in the closed position. Below are two other views of my can crusher - one open, one from the side. Note these pictures are all of the can crusher I've used to crush hundreds of cans already, with almost no visible wear-and-tear. But if you buy one of these, you'll get a new one that looks just like this. I'm keeping mine!
(Note that these crushers work beautifully on standard 12 oz. aluminum beverage cans, but DO NOT work on other kinds/sizes of cans. Also, the dark "button" visible in the side view is a small magnet, useful if you're wondering if a can is aluminum.)

Incidentally, I used to crush these cans with my hands, but I'm now 56, and the arthritis in my fingers makes that painful. Using this crusher gets the job done for me without pain.




Can Can Crusher






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