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Can Crushers

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Welcome to the worlds largest collection of Can Crushers I hope you will gain some inspiration and motivation to come up with your own design which will be better than any thing you see here. Hopefully I will add your design to my pages in the near future.

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Can Crusher
This project clearly demonstrates the powerful mechanical forces due to a pulsed magnetic field. A simple coil consisting of several turns is formed to allow fitting of an aluminum beer or pop can. A high peak current is switched into the coil at f(t) and now induces a current flow in the periphery of the can that now generates its own magnetic field in opposition causing the can to constrict into the familiar hour glass configuration.
This project is an excellent demonstration and is used in several museums where students are encouraged to bring in their cans and subject to these forces. Safety is enhanced by the positive grounding of the inducing coil eliminating any steady state potentials. Operator simply places can into the coil, depresses the charge button, waits for the green light and now presses the fire button. Deformed can is removed and system is ready for the next operator.

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